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Modern Textile Chemical develops bespoke chemicals to enhance product quality. We prioritize excellence, innovation, and sustainability, continuously researching and offering up-to-date solutions. Our wide range of textile chemicals caters to dyeing, printing, finishing, and more. We value long-term relationships, providing exceptional customer service and prompt delivery.

person fixing machine
person fixing machine
assorted color thread lot
assorted color thread lot

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Modern Textile Chemicals is a trusted provider of over 40 high-quality products serving diverse industries such as personal care, cosmetics, food, automotive, oil, rubber, additives, textiles, polymers, lubricants, plastics, paint, pigments, water treatment, animal care, and agriculture. With a strong distribution network, MTC supplies its products to more than 10 countries. The company's long-standing reputation for reliability and expertise has earned the trust of customers over the years, making it a preferred choice in the market.

aerial photo of pile of enclose trailer
aerial photo of pile of enclose trailer

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